Yaron Dahan


Yaron Dahan

Yaron Dahan is an American-Israeli director, writer and film critic. He has made fiction and documentary films funded by the Goethe Institut, Israeli Film Fund Rabinovich and the German Federal Press Office. His films have been projected at festivals such as the San Sebastian Film Festival, Jerusalem Film Festival and others. As a film critic he contributes to MUBI Notebook, Senses of Cinema and Film International, among others.



yarondahan [at] posteo.de


Aesthetics of the Nazifilm

Christian Friedel’s Everyman Elser in 13 Minutes The Berlinale would not be the Berlinale without its annual Nazifilm in competition, and last year’s WWII melodrama, The Monuments Men, was yet another testimony to the genre’s narrative fatigue: The GIs having… Weiterlesen

The Ghost Face

The ghost-faced character is nobody. Nobody so that he can be everybody. His face is beautiful, but with a beauty that is barely memorable, because it is average, a computer-generated number, an overlay, a face that is at the same… Weiterlesen

„Nymphomaniac“: Acts of Profanation

The jurist Trebiatus defines the profane as that which is “Sacred or religious, and is then restituted to man’s use and property,” and this definition launches Giorgio Agamben’s “Eloge of Profanation.”1 The initial movement of pornography, as Agamben writes, was… Weiterlesen